Our First RE

21 Dec

Yesterday, Josh and I left work early to go to our first RE (reproductive endocrinologist, AKA fertility specialist). I was a bit nervous but mostly really excited to meet our RE and see what he had to say about our situation and options. Right before we went back to see the doctor, I had a conversation with Josh about how in movies, you always see people meeting with a doctor in an office. The doctor will be sitting behind a desk and the patient will sit down and talk with him/her. I made a comment about how that has never happened to me before and it would be cool if it did. So, of course, when we went back to meet with the doctor, he was sitting behind a desk in an office. It took everything I had to not burst out laughing right then. Luckily, I restrained myself. I don’t think it would have been the best first impression to walk into the office and start laughing at absolutely nothing. The doctor probably would have declared me insane and sent me back home.

My RE went over all the paperwork we filled out with our medical histories. We talked about my crazy reproductive past and discussed my endometriosis. After going over everything, he told us that he thinks our prognosis is really, really good. He says that it’s not a matter of if we will get pregnant, but when and how. That was so great to hear. I learned so much about endometriosis and even the reproductive cycle that I didn’t know before. His recommendation was to try IUI, which I was fully expecting. What I wasn’t expected was how soon we could start. My period is due the first week of January and that’s when this whole thing will get started! So in only a couple of weeks, we will be starting our first IUI!

Today, I had to go back to do some blood work and to get an ultrasound. They want to make sure everything looks ok before we get started. So far, everything has come back normal and my ultrasound tech said everything looked great. After the ultrasound, my doctor stopped by to check on me and chat for a bit. Guys, I completely adore my RE. He is so kind, gentle and caring. I am completely comfortable with him and am confident in his abilities to help us. I love that he is so positive with me. It’s impossible to not get excited when your doctor is so upbeat and hopeful.

The plan is to call the office on the first day of my period (which should be around January 5th). Between cycle day 2 and 4, I will go back in for more blood work and another ultrasound to make sure everything is doing what it’s supposed to at the beginning of a new cycle. Then, I will take fertility meds (something like Clomid) to help stimulate ovulation. We are basically prepping my body for a SUPER ovulation. Around the time I normally ovulate, I will go back to the office and get blood work and another ultrasound. If everything is going as planned, we will do the IUI. (If you want to read more about what an IUI is, try this link.)

All in all, we are both excited and hopeful. I am, of course, a bit nervous about the medications but that’s to be expected. I have no doubt that this doctor will take good care of me. I am completely confident that 2012 will be the year we finally get pregnant. And you know what? That feels amazing.

3 Responses to “Our First RE”

  1. Aba December 24, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    Congratulations! I’m rooting for you guys! =D And I’m really happy you’ve found a doctor you like. That’s always such a great thing, but especially when there’s potential for things to get stressful.

    Good luck! I think this will be the year for you guys too. 🙂

  2. Last Girl Standing December 25, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    I love the hope that radiates from this post! I love that you are so at ease with your RE and that he is speaking of “when”, not if. I can’t believe a new year is upon us. I know 2011 didn’t bring what we had all hoped for you but it sounds like 2012 is already off to a good start. I always preferred the even years better anyway. 😉

    Merry Christmas, my friend. I can’t make any promises for what future Christmases will bring, but I hope this one is merry and bright. xoox

  3. Overflowing Brain (Katie) December 30, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    What a happy happy post. I hope that the first time is the charm and that 2012 is your year. Big hugs and prayers times a million for you and Josh.

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