Adventures in Flying, Part 2

14 Feb

If you missed it, here is Part 1.

After seeing the dreaded “canceled” displayed beside my flight, I quickly walked to the counter to figure out what I should do. They explained to me that the flight had been canceled due to weather in Nashville.

Now I should explain something first. The town I live in is small but we still have an airport. However, the flights out of this airport are always more expensive so to save money, very often we will drive two hours to the Nashville airport instead. Originally, I was supposed to fly into Nashville and then Josh was going to pick me up and take me home.

I knew that there was another flight that night leaving directly for my town, so I asked the woman at the counter if I could switch to that one instead. I had tried switching to that flight earlier but they wanted to charge me another $500. (RIDICULOUS!) Since my flight had been canceled, I figured I could switch without spending any more money. The lady agreed and said she could put me on that flight but my luggage would still go to Nashville on  a later flight. I told her that wouldn’t make sense because that would mean I would have to drive two hours just to pick up my luggage and then two more hours to go back home.

She told me that since the flight to my town was an hour later, that would not be enough time to get my luggage transferred. Really? You guys need more than an hour to switch my luggage to another flight? Ok, fine. I asked her if they could ship my luggage from Nashville to my house and she told me no. At this point I was pissed and I called Josh. I saw that he had tried to call me a couple of times but I figured he had seen my flight was canceled and wanted to know the plan.

When I got a hold of Josh he explained to me that before the flight had been canceled, he had called the reservation desk and managed to switch my ticket to fly into my local town free of charge. The woman he spoke with told him that they would have no trouble getting my luggage on the new flight. I told the woman I was talking with this fact and she told me no, they would not have time. The people in reservations may think it’s enough time, but since she works at the gate, she knows better. At this point my head almost exploded.

I relayed this to Josh and he kept repeating that he was told it wouldn’t be a problem. He asked me if he could talk to the woman at the gate and the woman refused. She claimed she was not supposed to talk on the phone. I had no idea what to do. Josh just kept saying over and over that the lady at reservations said it wasn’t a problem while I tried to explain to him that it didn’t matter anymore. We needed to come up with a plan and move forward. Finally, Josh had a great idea. He asked if there was a way to have my luggage sent on a later flight to my home town and then we could pick it up from our local airport. After asking the lady at the gate, she replied, “Oh sure, we can do that.” Gee, nice of you to suggest that.

She managed to book me on the 7:00 flight to my town and printed out my new ticket. By this point it was 6:30 so I needed to get to my gate as fast as I could. I rushed to my gate and was thrilled to see that it was still scheduled on time and hadn’t started boarding yet. I set my bag down and relaxed. What could go wrong now?

To be continued…


2 Responses to “Adventures in Flying, Part 2”

  1. Mari February 15, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Ouch, sounds nuts! You handled it wonderfully 🙂


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