Letting Go

5 Dec

December 5 – Let Go.

What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?
(Author: Alice Bradley)

I thought about this prompt all day today and really couldn’t think of anything I actually let go of this year. I can think of a million things I would have liked to have let go of though. So today I will focus on things that I am going to let go of next year.

I want to let go of negativity. I have said this before but it is so natural for me to look at the negatives in situations. I don’t want to be like that so I am going to let that go. Instead, I will only look for positives even in situations where that may be difficult.

I want to let go of judgement. I am so quick to assume that I know what someone’s intentions were. My husband gets the large brunt of this and it’s entirely unfair to him. If he forgets to clean up after himself in the kitchen, instead of assuming he just wanted to make more work for him, I need to be understanding.

I want to let go of fear. I am tired of my fear controlling me. I get incredible anxiety anytime I travel, especially by plane. I have the opportunity to visit London this year and instead of being excited, I keep finding myself dreading the trip. My fear is making me change who I am and that has to stop. I want to let go of all my fears.

I want to let go of worry and stress. There are many things I cannot control and those things are not worth wasting energy on. I need to have faith that things will work out and if they don’t that I have the intelligence and strength to fix things.

I firmly believe that if I am successful in letting these things go, my life will be more fulfilling and positive. I know some of these things will be a challenge because they happen out of habit but I have to make it a priority and stop making excuses.


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