Airbrush Tan

27 Sep

I am so glad that I made it through this week! I had something to do (meetings with vendors, dry runs, etc) every day after work, I worked overtime and felt like crap Thursday and Friday. But I made it through! I met with the florist and that went really well. They are so well organized and they make it so easy. I also got a airbrush tan at the Westin Spa and I LOVE it. I really didn’t want to tan in a tanning booth because I just can’t get over the idea that I could get cancer. And laying outside isn’t much healthier. So the airbrush tanning was definitely something I wanted to try.

I got there for my appointment at 7:00 (ok well it was actually 7:10). The Westin Spa is in this new outdoor shopping mall with some pretty upscale shops. I don’t know what I was thinking (maybe I was just exhausted from a busy week) but I just threw on some cheerleading shorts and a t-shirt and headed to my appointment. It wasn’t until I pulled up to the mall and saw how there was absolutely no parking that I realized my mistake. What the heck was I thinking? I went to a really upscale shopping mall on a Friday night in cheerleading shorts?? Yeah, I had a few people staring at me. Of course, there were about a million high schoolers all dressed up that shot me some dirtly looks. I just started cracking up. Which only made more people stare.

I got there and changed into this amazingly soft robe. I chatted with one of the ladies that worked there. She had just gotten engaged and wanted to know all the details about my wedding. She was so excited and it was so adorable. Another lady came and brought me into a little room and asked me if I wanted a disposable bikini. I said sure. I looked absolutely ridiculous in this little tiny paper bikini. So I stood there almost completely naked so this woman could start spraying me with the tanning spray. It took about 20 minutes or so and it wasn’t bad at all. I put my robe back on and headed into the locker room. I just sat and had some cucumber water (which I HIGHLY recommend) and watched HGTV. I was so relaxed.

I love the tan guys! It looks so incredibly natural and I am always so much more confident when I have a nice tan. Tanning tends to hide the cellulite a little. 🙂

Anyway, I have exactly two weeks left until the wedding! I have two more meetings next week and then we have to finish the favors and programs and that’s about it! I am almost there. Whooo hooooo!


One Response to “Airbrush Tan”

  1. alyndabear September 27, 2009 at 12:21 pm #

    Nice! I've always wanted to try that.. but I'm a little terrified that I'd turn out Oranga, ala Anna Hathaway in Bride Wars. That and the fact that I don't particularly enjoy standing around naked in front of people.. eep!

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