6 Mar

So I have been in therapy for a couple of weeks (I will save that for another post) and my therapist recommended I start finding hobbies that I love to do. All I do is work and then go home and that can get very old! So I have decided to start learning about photography! I am so excited! JJ and I are looking around at some SLR cameras and I have bought a couple of photography books. There is a LOT to learn and it is a lot more technical than I thought. Luckily, my company offers a Intro to Digital Photography course and I am definitely going to take that.

Also, my mom called me yesterday and told me she found an old high school friend on facebook that lives near me (I can’t even explain how weird it is that my mom is on facebook). This friend of hers has 4 horses and has invited me to come hang out with her and her horses. Now this may not seem like a big deal to you but I am totally thrilled! I love horses. I love riding them. I love brushing them. I love just looking at them. I am so unbelievably psyched! Maybe I can get really awesome at photography and I will start posting some pictures on here! Maybe I can take some pictures of the horses too! Oh and today is Friday! Yay! Lots of good things happening!


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