30 Jan

Happy Friday everyone! What is everyone doing this weekend?

My weekend should be pretty jammed! Tomorrow we seriously need to do some house cleaning. Since I had a pretty crappy cold last weekend, I was so lazy and did NOTHING. I need to make up for that this weekend. Then tomorrow night we are going to a coworker’s baby shower. It’s actually a couples baby shower which should be interesting. I am going out after work tonight to buy the present. I looked at their registry earlier today and it really makes me excited to start having kids!!! I can’t wait to buy all the cute little shoes!

On Sunday, we are meeting with a woman at our church to take this test. JJ and I are Catholic and we have to go through some marriage prep before we can actually get married. Sunday we are taking this 100 question test on our beliefs and attitudes on different things. When we are done, they will give us the results so we can see where we differ. I think it will be pretty cool to see how we answer and what things we are see differently. We have discussed a lot of stuff like finances, children, religion, divorce, etc. but I am curious to see if there are any subjects we forgot to cover. I want to go into our marriage with a realistic view on all the issues we may face. After the test, we are planning on going to church (we have really been slacking on that lately!).

Then on Sunday afternoon we are going to a Super Bowl party. I am not a big football fan but I think it will be fun. It is the first Super Bowl party I have been too and I think it could be interesting. I mean, a Super Bowl party with a bunch of engineers?? It HAS to be interesting!


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