Boots and Hip-Hop

28 Oct

I bought the most amazing boots yesterday (in black). I have always wanted a pair of knee-high boots. However, I have freakishly tiny calves. I try to workout and gain more muscle in my calves but I just can’t seem to do it. So I usually give up on finding boots that fit me after a day or two of searching. Yesterday, I went to DSW and thought I would try again, and I found some! I was so excited. They are amazing!

I also want to Maurices (awesome store!) and bought some black pants for work and two really cute sweaters. I love fall/winter shopping! It is so exciting.

In other news, me and JJ’s one year anniversary is coming up next week. I can’t believe we have been together for an entire year! We are planning on going to Gatlinburg and spending the weekend in little cabin in the mountains. I am so looking forward to a weekend of doing NOTHING!

Tonight I am taking a hip-hop dance class. It will be my second time and this time I have two friends coming along too. Last time I laughed the entire class because I (and every other girl in the class) looked absolutely ridiculous. The instructor is an amazing break dancer and I have no idea how he kept a straight face. I can’t wait until tonight!

One Response to “Boots and Hip-Hop”

  1. Dana Whitaker October 31, 2008 at 7:27 pm #

    I have the opposite problem with boots- sometimes even the boots from the plus-sized catalog will not fit over my calves. None of the rest of me is plus sized (thank you, Weight Watchers!) but my calves are too big for boots.I imagine that your hip-hop class looks alot like my Zumba. I’m shocked that my instructor doesn’t collapse in hysterics at watching us do Latin and hip-hop moves for an hour every week.

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