9 Apr

Allergies suck.

I have had severe allergies since I was six months old. Every single spring when the trees and flowers start to bloom, I begin to feel like crap. Everyone I know is saying, “Oh what a beautiful day! I love spring!” And I am thinking, “Damnit another freakin spring. I hate spring!”

I try to avoid any contact with the outside world. I will stay indoors at all times. If I have to go outside I make it as quick as possible. My dad had bought me an air purifyer and I usually turn that on, shut my bedroom door, and hide in my room for as much of the spring season that I can manage. However, this spring my stuff is still in storage in the next state over (I have moved but don’t have my own place yet so I am keeping most of my stuff in storage until I move in with JJ) and I don’t have my purifyer. I feel like I have lost my security blanket and am a little girl stumbling around in the big bad pollenated world all alone.

I am stuffy, yet my nose is still running (don’t you love how that works?). I am sneezing about every 10 minutes (I am pretty sure my coworkers about to kill me. They used to all say “bless you” but now no one even tries anymore. Whats the point? I will be sneezing again in 10 minutes.) and my eyes are driving me crazy. I would have to say that the worst thing about my allergies is my eyes. They itch like freakin crazy!!! And sometimes they will get very red and then I get “Are you high?” or “Are you ok? You look like you have been crying!” all damn day long.

I am completely overmedicating myself with Zyrtec and Benadryl but it doesn’t feel like anything is helping. I also took allergy shots once a week for three years but that didn’t seem to do much either. It seems like I may be doomed to suffer for the month of April for the rest of my life. Maybe I will get really rich and be able to fly to Hawaii every April and come back when allergy season is over. Or maybe I will just move to Hawaii.

I was thinking about it today and I realized something. I am the epitome of a nerd/dork. I have horrible allergies, I have awful eyesight (I wear contacts but sometimes I get tired and just wear my glasses), and I LOVE to read. I was always the kid reading by herself in the corner while everyone else played together. I would still rather read a book than do anything else. Well except hang out with JJ. Most of the time.


2 Responses to “Blah”

  1. el moco April 10, 2008 at 1:00 am #

    join the club. i’m already sick of explaining to people that YES, i do play videogames, and i know i’m WAY past the age that i “should” be doing that….. allergys suck, but there’s always booze……yeah.nerd is the new jock.

  2. I Want For What Never Was April 10, 2008 at 5:54 am #

    So my mom always said, when your allergies act up, drink milk, and it’ll at least alleviate your eyes. Or, you’ll shoot milk all over when you inevitibly sneeze while having a mouthful of milk. I have dogs and I am horribly allergic to dogs, so I know what you’re going through, sister. I also am highly allergic to pollen, to the point that if someone touched my skin with a flower, I will break out in hives, so I totally feel you on the seasonal allergy thing. Tell people you’re too busy to do anything they suggest outside, and buy yourself a Nintendo Wii. It’ll keep your ass in shape until summer, when this shit at least dies down! Good luck (I almost put lunk), sweetpea!

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